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posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:16 AM by Brennan Pappas
    Blogging on the Internet is not a good idea.  When you blog on the Internet people can see all of your information, this includes molesters, murderers, colleges, and many more.  The biggest danger is that you are putting your own life in danger by putting out information about you. 
    People are always searching around the Internet trying to find useful information over certain individuals. When you start blogging stuff about yourself, people can get your information and use it against you.  For instance, say you are on Facebook and you just said were speed racing on a road.  If you ever get pulled over and cop says have you ever drove that fast before, and you say no.  He would believe you, but if you happen to post on Facebook that you went 100 a couple days before this incident, the cop will most likely not let you off easy.  If you are saying on the Internet that you live on 45 Elm  St., and then you show that you got a brand new vehicle.  Its now on the Internet, and people could try to figure out how to steal it from you.