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Brennan P.

Holocaust Museum

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:46 AM by Brennan Pappas

  This site to have a lot of great information. The holocaust is a big part of everyones history, it is knowned to be taught all over the world.  One of the sites good thing is havinga timeline it shows us all the change over time.  Everything on the website was well devided up and all made since as to haow it was set up. The worst part about the Holocaust was that the families, espicially the little kids had to go through all the bad things. I'm sure that I would consider this propaganda , this is a good website.

Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:28 AM by Brennan Pappas

    This year, the Pepsi Assembly was very well put together.  As teenagers, it is very hard to get our attention.  Since who ever put together the video did a great job at getting our attention.  They had very well put together with the videos, and how they were set up.  The videos were eye openers to everyone, and most people in the audience got the message.  Alongside with the videos, the songs were what we listen to now.  The songs went well with the themes of each of the clips that were played throughout the movie.
    All and all, the movie was very well presented.  It sent a good message across, and the whole technical aspect of this video was sent up in such a way that it got everyones attention.

Chapter 1

posted Sep 23, 2011, 11:08 AM by Brennan Pappas

    Personaly, I think the one of the largest change to technology are the internet and computers.Both of these things allowe information to go everywere in cluding our phones and tablets. Internet is one of the main ways that people use social networking, emailing, blogging, and instant messaging. A few other ways technology has changed our lives in the media like tv radio.  These other ways are just as usefull, but i do not think they are as commonly used as the internet.
    New technology has been used in such a way that it is hard to explain how powerful it is.  Although technology has its ups it also has its downs and alot of bad things can come from it like cyberbullying and gossip, but honistly these things can be prevented by not posting information that is not needed.   

9/11 Ten Years Later

posted Sep 12, 2011, 10:15 AM by Brennan Pappas

    When the attack on terror happened, I was in second grade.  I do not remember much that happened then, but now looking back on what had happened; I have a broader aspect on the whole situation.  When the first plane hit the Wold Trade Center, everyone was astounded at what had happened.  No one knew why it had happened.  Then 5 minutes later the second plane hit and everybody started to get the idea on what was going on.  This date should be remembered to think about the loss of loved ones and friends.  Even though its not the best idea to have videos and other marketing items, it also makes people remember what had happened; the money should have had a higher percentage sent towards the memorial.  The only good thing out of the videos, is that people get the full story about what had happened.


posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:16 AM by Brennan Pappas

    Blogging on the Internet is not a good idea.  When you blog on the Internet people can see all of your information, this includes molesters, murderers, colleges, and many more.  The biggest danger is that you are putting your own life in danger by putting out information about you. 
    People are always searching around the Internet trying to find useful information over certain individuals. When you start blogging stuff about yourself, people can get your information and use it against you.  For instance, say you are on Facebook and you just said were speed racing on a road.  If you ever get pulled over and cop says have you ever drove that fast before, and you say no.  He would believe you, but if you happen to post on Facebook that you went 100 a couple days before this incident, the cop will most likely not let you off easy.  If you are saying on the Internet that you live on 45 Elm  St., and then you show that you got a brand new vehicle.  Its now on the Internet, and people could try to figure out how to steal it from you.

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