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Reaction to Survey

posted Aug 31, 2011, 6:29 AM by Brandon Kuhl
Upon viewing the results of the survey, I noticed varying responses toward each question.  Some questions have general and given responses, whereas others have surprising results.  I noticed toward the begining of the results that much news is found through the internet.  As I scrolled down, though, I discovered that many people use television as a leading source as well.  My prediction was that most would use the internet.  Due to this, I am slightly surprised that viewers continue to retain the use of televison as a strong source of global and national news.  When it comes to newspapers, because of the local area, most read the State Journal Register; obviously being no surprise.  When I look at the column with content most are interested in, I was slightly surprised that most do not use these sources for entertainment purposes.  I was under the impression that entertainment would have a stronger grasp on audiences from these sources.  I was not surprised by the rest of the survey.  I figured that most would watch television in the evening or night, due to their schedule.  I was not surprised by the amount of people viewing television with others as well.  Besides a few responses, I believe the survey was fairly predictable.