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Dangers Of Blogging

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:43 PM by Blake Boggs

            The dangers in blogs consist of giving out personal information, saying things you may regret later, bullying others to where the consequences could be significant, and even worse cases, kids commit suicide due to cyber bullying.

            All of these concerns are legitimate. Personal information could reach stalkers or child predators that could lead them to you. Saying things online that may hurt someone, even if you didn’t mean it. The biggest one though, would have to be bullying. The thought of knowing that someone committed suicide because you decided to make fun of someone is stomach churning.

            There are more dangers to blogging, such as, the reverse effect of bullying. If you were to bully someone through blogging, and they go on a rampage, or come after you.

            Students should make rules for themselves, like, no pictures, no personal information, and nothing said that could be taken the wrong way and used against them.