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9/11 Video

posted Sep 18, 2011, 4:01 PM by Blake Boggs
    After watching the 9/11 video, I have a different perspective on this event. I was always mad that someone could do that to our country. Now actually seeing it live from a lot of peoples home videos, I feel the pain they do, and it makes me even more angry about it. Everyone in New York got a huge slap in the face when The World Trade Center was hit. This video showed me what it's like to feel completely attacked.
    I believe the reason 9/11 never had an effect on me was because I wasn't there on the scene. Plus, being young when it happened, I didn't really know what was happening other than constant news coverage on these two buildings on fire. Now, being older, it makes me stop and think about all those people in that plane who had no say in the matter. Death was the only option presented to them. Then, all the people in that building who have never done anything wrong to deserve that.
    I am glad that I saw the 9/11 video because it changes my perspective on that day.