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Chapter 1

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:47 AM by Ben Buckles
Computers brought a big change in the digital era.  Computers brought more information that any one person could ever remember.  We came from printing on paper that could take hours for one page to electronicly printing hundreds of pages in minuted.  Comuntication changed along with computers we started with a man on a horse relaying messages to telephones to e-mail.  E-mail gave use comuntication with out involving paper and hardly any time wait to recive the message.  We can also comunticate on web sites Youtube, Facebook, even this page is used to comunicate information we learned from chapter one with the rest of our classmates.
T.V. also brought comunication.  The T.V. can tell you what the weather will do fir the next week it can tell you how your favorite sports team is doing even allows you to watch them from hundreds of miles away the T.V. give u information on where to shop for goods, the best deals, even where to buy better T.V's