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Mass Communitation and Our Culture

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by Amber Skeeters   [ updated Aug 29, 2011, 7:12 AM ]
    This chapter was all about mass media and how it has evolved.  It gave a detailed history of mass media in out culture.  I had never really thought about how much we have advanced in my lifetime, or in all of history for that matter.  It was a (mostly) interesting article that was extremely informative.  
   I learned about how the printing press basically created mass media. The printing press gave us the capability to make books very quickly.  It made them inexpensive and more common.  Books were the first things to pass ideas to great numbersin a short time span.  Soon we had inventions like the telegraph and the radio which made communication instantaneous.  The internet and television have had the biggest impact on our culture and the way we live.  We can see whats going on in the world by pressing a button.  We can communicate with someone a thousand miles away in seconds. 
    The television and internet have spread popular culture throughout our country.  Tasteful and artistic works (or high culture) such as ballet and opera have been diminished from our society, as shown on the skyscraper model.  We spend our time watching jersey shore and American Idol.  We get our news from Comedy Central.  Our cultural values and morals have taken a nose dive over the years due to the popularity of low culture.  Our society has gone through many changes over time because of mass communication.