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Blogging Responsibly

posted Aug 30, 2011, 5:10 PM by Amber McCauley
From the reading material of the two articles there were a lot of potential dangers with blogging that was discussed. A few of them were not giving out any personal information on the internet. The internet is an easy way for people to access you. When you put your phone number or address out it is very easy for people to see and then find or contact you. Also anything you put on the internet, no matter how long ago it was, it will forever be out there.  The articles both talked about the danger of writing something online or pictures that you post.  Future employers can do a check of you online and see things that you wrote several years ago and it could be the reason for you not getting hired. All of these concerns are legitimate because it shows how things you say can not only hurt others or yourself but even down the road could sabotage you with careers. As we are doing blogs students need to keep their information private and be careful with what they say online to others or just something they mention on their blogs. Three rules would be to keep all personal information off of the internet, keep all blog posts on school related topics, and to not say anything that could be taken in a mean or hateful way.