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Mass communication: A critical approach

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:42 AM by Amber Aarup
    In my opinion the artical was pretty interesting, it gave a wide range of thoughts about the different types of media. I actually learned some different things about the artical, such as in the print revolustion section of the artical, paper and block printing developed in China. I also learned about how the printing press helped the mass market, and how it developed in such a successful concept to help make more money possable.
    The most interesting section of the actical in my opinion would have to be the digital era, it brings the history of it, and how things work currently together in a really nice way. Blogging is a very familiar concept in todays sociaty to get peoples oplinion out there to be heard by many people. There ideas about e-mail were very good points, we use email for for alot of the paper mail we used to get, and instead of having bills be sent through postal mail many people have bill reminders and such sent right to the email. Social media is very populair today, particuarly facebook, but i feel as if they could have went more into it because it is so succsessful.
    The most confusing part of the artical for me was the skyscraper figure of 1.2, I thought as if they could of done alot better trying to explain it, exspecially the bottom portion of the building. I also felt in some sections they went way to in depth in the subjects that were'nt very interesting.