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Chapter 1 Mass Communication

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by Al C
This chapter really explores the culture and history of the media.  This chapter explains how growing technology affected our culture and the media.  I like how the chapter starts by showing that the printing press was one of the first great pieces of technology.  It allowed people to produce things in large quantities and also a lot faster.  Before the prining press people had to do manuel work to make things.  This required a lot of time and was slow process.  The printing press really is the first step in mass communication.
    After the printing press the next major step in mass communication was the digital era.  This era changed a lot in media and also culture.  Information such a texts and sounds are turned into a signal.  It allows for information to be sent anywhere instantaneously.  This has a major role in our society because with this technology the news is everywhere. 
    Finally in this chapter after they talk about the rise of mass communication and how its affected our culture.  They compare high and low culture differently.  First they have a skyscraper model which puts the high culture on top and the low culture on the bottom.  Many critics have different opinions on what should be on top and what should be on bottom.  Then they compare culture as a map which allows for more flexability, but this is not an accurate way of classifying culture.