Walt Whitman's Writings

  1. Choose a selection by Walt Whitman
  2. Read the selection
  3. Research the selection and document ALL sources used in MLA format (easybib.com)
  4. Create a VoiceThread presentation in which you teach the class about your selection (Include a Bibliography slide at the end with all of your sources used)
      • Summarize the poem
      • Read the poem or excerpts from the writing
      • Explain the theme or meaning behind the writing (NOTE: This is different than the summary)
      • Identify any examples of figurative language found in the select (See the website for a refresher on figurative language: http://www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us/yorba/figurative_language.htm)
      • Make connections between the selection and events from Whitman's life (Use information found in the biography research completed prior to this project and be sure to cite your sources!)
      • Properly cite all borrowed/consulted material in a MLA bibliography slide visible in the VoiceThread
  5. Review the rubric (attached at the bottom of this page) before finalizing your VoiceThread
  6. Attach the link to the VoiceThread to your selection's page
  7. Once everyone is finished, you'll view the other VoiceThreads created by your peers make comments as necessary
If they are not, a zero will be given on the project.