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richard janczarski

Richard Janczarski, AKA Cubehead, Reported Dead

Richard Janczarski, aka "Cubehead," was the creator of the Cubic Awareness Online website, which presented a more user-friendly version of Gene Ray's "Time Cube."

Users at the Cubic Awareness Forum have apparently verified that Janczarski took his own life last week, after a falling out with Gene Ray over some video footage of Ray which Janczarski had posted to YouTube.

If true, this is upsetting. I was a big fan of Janczarski and his CubicAO work. It was amusing, offbeat, and brilliantly unique. Strangely, it was a vague "bad feeling" which led me to check the CubicAO forum for the first time in several months. I had an unexplained feeling that "Cubehead" would not be doing his thing much longer, and logged on to find him reported dead. Precognition? Nah, probably just a shitty coincidence.

I always figured "Cubehead" couldn't have been totally sincere about his obsessive commitment to Time Cube. I considered it a form of performance art. Apparently I was mistaken.

I still have some slight hope this is all a prank. But after reading everything available, I'm doubtful that it is.

Richard Janczarski was a brilliantly unique individual and he will be missed.

Cubehead's YouTube channel (includes footage of his trip to meet Gene Ray)

...I don't mind that no one has responded to this. What can really be said of such things? But I do hope at least a few people read it and maybe gave "Cubehead" some thought. The official media policy is to refuse to report such suicides, so aside from a couple of meager sources, it's as if this never happened.

Bastards - still doing their best to erase him from existence even after he's gone.