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A bit about me

Everything you never wanted to know about JD Nixon
Real name?  It's . . . Oh, I see what you did there. Nearly got me!
Sex:  Yes, please! (Sorry, my deepest apologies for recycling that corny old joke. I'm female.)
Nationality:  Australian.
Age:  Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care . . .
Star sign:  Sagittarius. 
Height:  170 cm.
Weight:  How rude of you to ask!
Eye colour:  Yes.
Hair colour:  Depends.
Single?  Only when Johnny Depp's around.
Family responsibilities:  Don't remind me . . .
Children:  Who's asking?
Employment:  Unemployable.
Education:  Somewhat.
Special interests:  Breathing and writing (well, that's what it feels like some days!).
Special talents:  Procrastination, wasting my life surfing the internet, singing loudly off-key in the car, complete inability to make good pastry, almost psychic ability to find something in the house when everyone else swears it is missing and/or stolen, unerring ability to immediately spot a typo in my manuscript (despite reading it 5000 times) after I've just uploaded it to Smashwords - again. I also have a special superpower - the "kiss of death". As soon as I like a new product in a supermarket, it is taken off production for lack of sales. I am The Anti-Shopper! (Haven't worked out a cool superhero outfit yet - maybe something involving paper from dockets???).
What JD Nixon is up to right now . . .
If you'd like to know more about me and what I'm up to, check out my Facebook page or blog, Tilly & Tess.
JDN  11 January 2014