JD Nixon lives in beautiful Queensland in Australia.

By day, I write and edit for a living and by night, I let a wild imagination run free.

I publish two series of books through Smashwords: the Heller series and the Little Town series.

They are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks Store and Kobo.

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Smashwords Author JD Nixon Breaks out with Mystery & Detective Series.


Book 7 - Heller's Family

Not yet written!
I have not yet started writing book 7 (the last) of the Heller series but hope to have it published in 2015.

Book 6 - Heller's Regret

Book 6 in the Heller series. There's not much ordinary about Tilly Chalmer's life as a security officer. Her latest assignments - two jobs involving children; protection of a valuable jewellery collection; and security at an unusual conference - provide plenty of adventures for her. But it's her private life, including her complex relationship with her beautiful boss, Heller, causing her greatest personal challenges yet.

Book 5 in the Heller series. Tilly Chalmer's new job as a researcher for a major TV star is turning out to be more eventful than expected. Always on the lookout for a high rating story for her famous boss, she tangles with adult movie stars, and the man who inspired a couple of blood-thirsty young murderers. An unwelcome encounter with a long-time enemy stirs up trouble, and what important decision does Heller make that threatens to jeopardise their relationship?

Book 4 in the Heller series. In her latest adventure, rookie security officer Tilly Chalmers has three new assignments to cope with: chaperoning a devious addict to a rehabilitation clinic; live-in security for a strange and isolated religious cult; and protecting a national TV host in a damaging court case. On top of all of this, she must also somehow manage her growing feelings for her boss Heller, and decide on what to do about her love-rat ex-boyfriend's demands to rekindle their relationship.

Book 3
 in the Heller series. 
Tilly Chalmers’ life is complicated. Her boyfriend demands more attention while her boss Heller is always a distracting temptation. Can she manage both of them as well as her new assignments: chaperoning a woman in an ugly divorce case; security at a swingers’ party; and looking after a fading A-list movie star? And how well can she pretend she doesn’t care now that Heller’s found himself a girlfriend?

Book 2 in the Heller series.  Tilly Chalmers' sexy boss, Heller, has a talent for making enemies, and he has a few scores to settle - including one with Tilly's brother. Tilly must juggle that constant worry with managing three new jobs as a rookie security officer: crowd control at a lingerie show; babysitting a randy IT billionaire; and an emotional job with an environmental activist. But as usual, her jobs don’t go to plan.

Book 1 - Heller  (free ebook!)


Book 1 in the Heller series. Tilly Chalmers loves her new job, but what is she to make of her dangerously attractive, but secretive, new boss, Heller? Or the strange group of people that live with him? And could he really be a cold-blooded killer? After two hazardous first assignments and with a ruthless competitor on the scene, Tilly must decide if she has what it takes to survive the rough world of security work.

Book 5 As yet unnamed

Not yet written!
The last of the Little Town series is not expected to be published until late 2015.

Book 4 Blood Tears

Book 4 in the Little Town series. Is Senior Constable Tess Fuller really as resilient as she thinks? When faced with the tragic consequences of her own stubborn decision – further inflaming her lifelong feud with the large, revengeful, and violent Bycraft family – how will she cope? And can she rebuild her trust and relationship with her newly returned partner, Sergeant Finn Maguire, while they work a puzzling accidental death case?

Book 3 - Blood Feud

Book 3 in the Little Town Series. A seemingly inexplicable and shockingly violent crime in the beautiful rural locale of 'Little Town' has devastating personal and professional consequences for its two police officers, Senior Constable Tess Fuller and her partner, Sergeant Finn Maguire. And has Tess really seen the last of the predatory Red Bycraft? 

Book 2 - Blood Sport

Book 2 in the Little Town Series. At first glance, the small mountain settlement of ‘Little Town’ seems a peaceful rural haven, but police officers Tess Fuller and Finn Maguire are kept fully occupied trying to maintain some order amongst the huge feral Bycraft family. Can they recapture fugitive Red Bycraft before he hunts down Tess? And what is it exactly that those bikies are doing at their secret retreat?

Book 1 - Blood Ties  (free ebook!)

Book 1 in the Little Town Series. Police officer Tess Fuller has her hands full trying to maintain order in a poorly-resourced small mountain town over-run by the beautiful, arrogant and lawless Bycraft family. But what will her new sergeant, a serious by-the-books city cop, think of her renegade policing style? And will they be able to work together to save Tess’ life when her feud with the Bycrafts escalates dangerously?