SCA Diagram Tools Extension

SCA Diagram Tools extension for JDeveloper 11g is next generation version of my ESB  Tools extension that I wrote for JDeveloper 10g and Oracle ESB editor.

SCA Diagram Tools extension main functionality is

Wheel Mouse Zooming

When you choose Tools -> SCA Diagram Tools -> Enable Wheel Mouse Zoom you can use mouse wheel together with pressing CTRL button to zoom in and out on SCA diagram.

Here is a normal view:

Keep Control Button pressed on keyboard and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom out:

... or zoom in:

Autofit Diagram

If you choose autofit, the diagram will adjust itself to show as much as possible:

Printing SCA Diagram

By default you cannot print the SCA diagram from JDeveloper. With SCA Diagram Tools this is now possible:

Saving SCA Diagram as PDF, JPG, BMP or PNG

Just open up the SCA composite diagram and choose Tools -> SCA Diagram Tools -> Save As.
A directory selector appears, you enter the wanted file name and your SCA diagram is saved as wanted format.

Harri Kaukovuo,
Nov 29, 2010, 1:08 PM