Jar Search Extension

JAR search extension is JDeveloper 11g extension to search for class from JAR files. For example you might have copy/pasted sample code from somewhere without really knowing which JAR libraries you should include in your JDeveloper project to make it compile. With JAR search you just select/paint the wanted class name in your code editor and choose Search -> JAR Search to start looking for the right JAR file from file system.

JAR search will start looking for the files recursively from the root directory that is defined in Tool -> Preferences -> JAR Search. By default the root directory is JDeveloper home directory.

Step 1: Select the searchable class

Step 2: Choose Search -> JAR Search

Step 3: Wait for search to finish or cancel the background search

Step 4: Look for the results in Messages Log


You can change the root directory where the JAR search starts the recursive JAR file searching.
Als you can check or uncheck the autoconversion from "com.abc.def." format to "com/abc/def" format. By default the classes appear in JAR files in the format of "com/abc/def".

Harri Kaukovuo,
Nov 29, 2010, 7:44 AM