Welcome to Harri Kaukovuo's JDeveloper Extension Center

This is the home for my JDeveloper extensions developed for Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 and JDeveloper 11g.

During my work assignments I've had situations where I felt I needed certain missing functionality from JDeveloper. Since JDeveloper has pretty nice extension framework, I've developed some extensions to help out SOA developers in their day-to-day work.


BAM Table Migration Extension (JDev 10g/11g)

This extension allows you to copy any RDBMS table or view to Oracle BAM as data object. Automatic data object creation helps you out a great deal with BAM repository setup, as you don't have to create the data objects manually.

BAM table migration utility works for both Oracle BAM 10.1.3 and Oracle BAM 11 (only BAM 11 supported on JDeveloper 11g extension).

BAM migration copies the whole table or view structure as BAM data object, including the data contents. The log window will show you the XML content that is used to create the data object. You can save this XML document from JDeveloper log window to re-use or automate the DO creation later on.

Utility will NOT migrate any BLOB or CLOB colums since BAM don't support those.

Once installed a new context menu will appear while you are connected to any JDBC database using the database connection browser and cursor place on table or view name.

Link  to the BAM Table Migration extension here.

ESB Tools Extension (JDev 10g)

This JDeveloper plugin will help you working with ESB diagrams enabling you to zoom diagrams with mouse wheel scrolling, printing ESB diagram to printer, saving ESB diagram as PDF/JPG/BMP/PNG file and setting the ESB diagram in autofit mode so that it automatically resizes to fit the available window size.

Main Functionality

  • Enables ESB diagram zoom in/out using mouse wheel and pressing CTRL at the same time

  • Printing the active ESB diagram into a printer

  • Enabling the ESB diagram autofit mode

  • Saving the ESB diagram as PDF, JPG, BMP and PNG file

Project Tools Extension (JDev 10g)

Project Tools Extension allows you to copy, delete or zip the contents of JDeveloper project. Special handling is for copying BPEL projects where the project process name is also change according to the project name. Project Copy could then be used to have one BPEL Process Project as "template" and copying/duplicating the contents of the project as wanted.

Main Functionality

  • Copies JDeveloper projects by copying all the project contents and creating a new directory under workspace directory. The new project is immediately shown on JDeveloper application navigator.

  • Project can be copied over to new application workspace. Plugin will offer a poplist where user can select the wanted target application workspace. · Integration projects are copied more ”intelligently”. The process names are changed for the new project.

  • Deletes the selected project entirely from JDeveloper and file system. All the files are remoted recursively from file system.

  • Packages the selected project as compressed zip file for further processing (email, source control etc).

Python Extension (JDev 9i, 10g and 11g)

I have ported the Python extension once developed for JDeveloper 10.1.2  to work on JDeveloper 10.1.3 and JDeveloper 11g. Python (or Jython on Java) is powerful scripting language used in Oracle Virtual Directory and Oracle Data Integrator.

Original Python Extension Home Page here.

Jar Search Extension (JDev 11g)

This JDeveloper 11g extension helps finding class from JAR files. Please see this page for more information.

SCA Diagram Tools Extension (JDev 11g)

I have ported the ESB Tools extension to the new era of SCA. Now the same functionality of diagram zoom in/out, print and save can be achieved with SCA Diagram Tools extension.