Drawing Room - Drafting a vision and creating a project

Where to begin

The best place to begin is somewhere that you are able to think freely and creatively. Even if you only have a concept of what you want, start with that. If you like, we are more than happy to toss some ideas at you to trigger more thought. There are no wrong ideas when you are just brainstorming. But before we get started we will have a pretty solid idea of what we want the final result to look like. You come up with the dream, and we'll manifest it for you.

Our Services and some Rates

All hourly rates begin when we start work. We won't charge you for our travel time, and we won't charge you to discuss your project. You only get billed for actual work time. Local sales tax applies to all services.

    1 Person Crew - $45.00
    2 Person Crew - $65.00

Projects requiring more than 2 people or lasting more than one day will receive a custom written and detailed quote. Hourly projects require a 50% payment at the start of the job based on estimated time for completion.  Please contact us for a quote or estimate and see how we can save you money while getting the best return on your investment in your home. 


Springtime is near!!!

Whether in Albuquerque or Las Cruces, spring means more work. Swamp coolers need setting up, sprinklers turned on and adjusted. That doesn't even discuss getting the garden planted. While we know that these chores are things you would probably rather do yourself, not everyone has time.

We like planning ahead almost as much as we like offering discounts. Therefore, the following rates apply to those call to schedule these projects before the end of February, 2014. In March our regular hourly rates will return.

  • Swamp cooler set up (includes new pads and oil) up to 30x36 inch, $65 - for larger sizes add $15
  • Basic swamp cooler repair with set up (fan belt, water tubing, float, pump, drain spout, etc. This does not include the fan or motor) 50% off hourly rate
  • Sprinkler service above ground (repairs to existing sprinklers. This does not cover running new lines) 25% off hourly rate
  • Basic Gardening (turning soil, planting, fertilizing) 65% off hourly rate

Monthly Landscape Maintenance Subscription
Spending $65 an hour every time you need your lawn or yard maintained gets expensive. In our effort to help everyone out, on your first visit from us, we will evaluate your yard based on such factors as size, type of services it will need, and many other factors. You will be offered a monthly subscription price. This is the cost of us visiting you once a month to maintain your yard's appearance and appeal. We can schedule it as recurring event on our calendar for the same day each month, or you can wait and have us come a few days before you are hosting a gathering and need your yard to look its best. It is up to you. This price requires one visit per month and is a flat rate fee, not based on hours or number of people. It is a taxed service. It can cover most common supplies like Round Up, fertilizers and insect killers. It does not cover plant replacement, or any "improvements". A contract will be drawn up detailing what your subscription covers.