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Bradley, Emma V

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Bradley, Emma Varnera 
Birth : 13 OCT 1845 Kalamo, Eaton, Michigan, USA; Spaulding cemetery
Death : 16 DEC 1908 Oswego, New York, USA
Father: Bradley, James Dickinson 
Mother: Lankton, Tirzah H. 
Marriage: 5 APR 1864 in Eaton, Michigan, USA; Marriage: At the home of her brother, Truman Uri
Andrews, Robert 
Birth : 5 APR 1839 Oswego, New York, USA
Death : 26 MAR 1908 Oswego, New York, USA

Andrews, Lucy Estella
Andrews, Clara Augustus
Andrews, William Bradley
Birth : 16 NOV 1870 Oswego, New York, USA
Death : 2 JAN 1910 Oswego, New York, USA

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