Welcome to the homepage of David Ault: actor and science communicator. Please follow the links above to find out more about my work and my life. 

It is my passion in life to help people see the world differently, either through exploration of the universe above us, or through characters in audiodrama and on stage. 

To listen to my voice demo reels, please visit the Media page.

"I have never heard Mr. Ault make a bad performance... simply being there his voice can elevate a scene. Good casting choice." - Audio drama review

"Where do I begin to heap mountains of praise for all of your voice acting work. You literally MAKE every production that you're in. I truly think you're one of the best talents in the our industry today. My biggest challenge as a director is trying to get my actors to truly act natural. You totally nail it. Your performance of Byron is subdued and nuanced which why as listener I feel that Byron could be real thereby engaging me further into the storyline. I really hope we get to work together in some capacity soon because I am such a big fan of what you do. So damn talented David!"

"I have just listened to the latest Byron Chronicles and it was simply intensely brilliant! David Ault's characterization of Byron is quite wonderful and to me at least, seemly very natural."

"...all of the things I hear from directors not only about your talent, but about your punctuality, professionalism, sense of humour and reliability is not just positive but downright superhuman. I really think you deserve all of the professional opportunities you have and much more."

"...one of the most talented people I associate myself with in my various creative ventures..."

"A very good interview for a very fine actor and good friend to not only myself but to a lot of us in the audio community. David Ault is one of the legends."

"He delivers those lines to his producers (such as myself) in just a few days, compared to most voice actors who take weeks. He's literally a voice acting machine. Oh, and one of the nicest guys I've never met."