Property Owner's Check-up Inspection

As a homeowner you will find from time to time certain items in your home tend to wear out, break down or malfunction.   Also, if you purchased your home within the past year, chances are that you received (from a home warranty company) a one year home warranty with your purchase.  In both cases it is advised that home owners get a yearly home inspection by a qualified inspector because if a small problem is found early on, the home owner has an inexpensive opportunity to fix the defect rather than having a large scale  catastrophe on their hands costing a much greater dollar amount. Also, you can find problem areas in your home and have them fixed before your warranty runs out.

JDA Home Inspection offers services for property owners and recommends a yearly checkup on your property which can save you loads of money in the long run.  The yearly checkup inspection is the same quality inspection we administer on our presale and buyers home inspection. Customers receive a summary report and a discounted price.  However, we clearly recommend that the homeowner be present and take part in the inspection when it occurs.  This shows homeowners first hand where potential problem areas could be and it gives the inspector a opportunity to inform the homeowner of what measures need to be taken to correct the deficiency should one be found.
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