Mission Statement

‘YOLO’ – You Only Live Once.

A.      Providing the most unique and one of the world’s largest encyclopedias of ‘real life’ online video clips of destinations, nature, life, etc. JCVdude hopes to touch lives in ways that will enlighten, entertain, inspire. Through ‘YOLO’, we want to transform people’s lives by motivating and encouraging them to follow their dreams and passions. Live with passion, purpose and fulfillment!

B.       Our JCVdude YouTube Channel is driven:

1.       by the fact that people love ‘YOLO’ and they love our videos.

2.       by the lively personalities and inspiring story of Joe Vass and Cindy Aspden. Our viewers watch   because they can relate to us – everyone has a story, a dream; everyone needs a friend, encouragement and hope or just to belong and be able to share thoughts and ideas, to have a voice.

3.       by JVCdude’s never ending dedication and commitment to continue to bring imaginative and unique content videos for the world to see.

4.       and by JCVdude’s expertise in developing and producing  videos that become snippets of searchable information that lend themselves to high Google Search Page Rankings and so, limitless marketing opportunities.  Everything lends itself to video.

C.      With videos that cover; travel and the beauty of our world; people, animals and nature, political and environmental issues, relationships, celebrities, current events, social issues and global perspectives, and comedy through parody and satire, the JCVdude channel uniquely combines interesting anecdote with video and photography, variety and quality with sincerity and helpfulness. With over 1 million viewers a month JCVdude connects with people from Canada, the USA and over 200 countries world-wide.

All information, photographs, videos contained within this site are the sole property of Joe Vass & Cindy Aspden and as such is not to copied or duplicated in any form. 

Company Presentation: