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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Canada’s YouTube Success Story – Invite to Mexico!! - Is a Reality TV Show Next?

posted Oct 28, 2011, 11:35 AM by Jozef Vass   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 4:59 PM ]

KELOWNA, BC – Oct 28, 2011 –  What does Canada --- Costa Maya Mexico --- Global Attention --- travel --- videos ---YouTube --- JCVdude --- Joe C. Vass and Cindy L. Aspden--- all have in common?

Answer:  JCVdude, aka Joe Vass & Cindy Aspden of Kelowna, BC and Canada’s Most Successful Travel Professionals are heading to Mexico to explore and work with the Port of Costa Maya, a new hot emerging destination in Mexico!

Canada’s JCVdude’s YouTube Channel has over 5000 videos on their channel and will soon be reaching 100 MILLION views during their next adventures which take them to Mexico’s Costa Maya!

Excitedly, JCVdude is preparing for a November departure for 7 glorious weeks in Mexico! As guests of the Port of Costa Maya, JCVdude will be exploring jungles and reefs, zip lining, kayaking, sailing, biking, fishing, snorkeling and diving. Then there’s the Maya Culture, Mayan ruins, Banco Chinchorro, fisherman’s village, Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival, delicious cuisine, amazing people and so much more! (Itinerary available) All videos will be uploaded from Mexico! Follow them on their adventures!

JCVdude is very passionate about his work. With his expertise on travel and using YouTube as a Broadcast Media; he has created a huge demand for his work by both destinations and resorts. This has taken JCVdude throughout the Caribbean and North America.

JCVdude produces video of stunning wildlife, underwater life, nature, destinations, festivals, concerts and so much more! With the diversity of their video clips, JCVdude attracts viewers from over 200 countries world wide receiving 120,000 views per day!

JCVdude became an active member of YouTube in the spring of 2007. In October of 2007 their ‘BIG spider - tarantula on my hand’ went viral. Almost immediately, they were invited by Google to join Google/YouTube AdSense. JCVdude has had numerous viral videos and it’s been success ever since!

Can it get any better?! JCVdude knows it can and is forever grateful to the opportunity provided to him by YouTube & Google and now also the Port of Costa Maya! YOLO! Joe and Cindy are living their dream & passion through YouTube.

 JCVdude of Kelowna, BC, Canada has the:
            · Most Viewed Channel All Time in ‘Travel & Events’ for Canada.

JCVdude YouTube Channel:

Interview Contact:   Joe Vass & Cindy Aspden

Address:         Joe Vass and Cindy Apsden 
                      1506 Dickson Avenue
                       Kelowna, BC V1Y 4B6

PRESS RELEASE: JCVdude has now achieved over 60 million views for their travel videos!!

posted Jan 1, 2011, 10:05 AM by Jozef Vass   [ updated Mar 21, 2011, 2:01 PM ]

To Joe Vass, this entire adventure and the success achieved seems almost surreal!  

"there's so much more to do and so much more that I want to do!  And thanks to Google/YouTube, it's all possible!"

Self-taught, self-motivated and driven to success, Joe Vass has transformed. Once clad in orange work coverallls, covered in wall board dust and mud, today he's a man with a smile, carrying a Giant SONY camera wherever he goes pursuing his dream of travel and filming. 

After quitting construction in Oct 2007, Joe and Cindy left for their 6 weeks-6 destination trip and the start of their  YOLO - You Only LIve Once - adventure and pursuit of their dreams and goals. They're only condition was to work hard and succeed. The adventure continues today. 

Every trip is about fun, exploring, experiencing and filming!  It's about being able to share it with others who travel; or are planning to travel. 

Today JCVdude on YouTube has over 4000 clips, organized into collections of videos called Playlists (i.e. Akumal Bay Sea Turtles). The Playlists include a wide variety of content as they explore the world and it’s beauty; beautiful Caribbean resorts, incredible Alpine resorts, Jazz Festivals & interviews with the great Buddy Guy, Talent Contests, Tours, Nature, Cuisine, Sporting Events, Arts & Culture and more, including Charitable and Non-Profit Events.

JCVdude's YouTube Channel has now achieved over 60 million views for their travel videos! In YouTube Canada, they have been awarded the following distinctions as well:

In the real world, these honors would be equivalent to having prime real estate on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood. To Joe Vass, this entire adventure and the success achieved seems almost surreal! 

PRESS RELEASE: You Only Live Once' - Anne-Rachelle McHugh writes about JCVdude!! (Okanagan Life Magazine - Sept Issue)!!

posted Dec 31, 2010, 8:23 PM by Jozef Vass   [ updated Oct 30, 2011, 4:34 PM ]

"YouTube phenonmenon Joe Vass aims to educate and inspire 
others to pursue their dreams, at any age . . ." 

(article below) 

You only live once

Press Release: SONY make.believe is now a Corporate Sponsor of YouTube's JCVdude

posted Dec 31, 2010, 8:20 PM by Jozef Vass   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 4:58 PM ]

For 15 years, I was in construction. Life sure has changed! 

When I first got started in video and photography I chose Sony because Sony had all the equipment I was looking for, everything was compatible and Sony has a solid reputation for quality. I never realized at that time that in MY MAKE BELIEVE world just 7 years later more than 44,000,000 million people will have viewed videos I shot with Sony, edited on Sony and with Sony software. 

It would have been MAKE BELIEVE to think that FREE trips to the Caribbean would be offered for me to just go and film or that product sponsorship would come from Sony Corporation, but it has. MAKE BELIEVE 

I hope to take our new Sony cameras down to the Caribbean and put them through their paces. Filming the reef underwater in 1080i HD with colorful fish is something that makes me giddy. Cindy and I are in a make believe world that just keeps expanding, Thank You Sony . . . 

JCVdude  (aka Joe Vass & Cindy Aspden)

SONY make.believe - We get sponsored!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JCVdude - Canada’s YouTube Success Story Gets Invite to Olympics!

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Jozef Vass   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 5:00 PM ]

KELOWNA, BC – February 3, 2010 –What does Olympics --- Global Attention --- travel --- videos ---YouTube --- JCVdude      --- Joe C. Vass and Cindy L. Aspden--- all have in common? 

Answer:  JCVdude (aka Joe Vass & Cindy Aspden of Kelowna, BC) are invited by a Florida Media Broadcaster Max Jones of and to appear on his Broadcast Show Feb 13, 2010 broadcasting from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC. The show will  air to an audience of 9 Million.

HNHeadlines focuses on ‘Good News’ and in conducting searches for storylines, came upon JCVdude’s Travel Videos on YouTube, first and foremost because of JCVdude’s YouTube Prominence. JCVdude of Kelowna, BC, Canada has the:

·         Most Viewed Channel All Time in ‘Travel & Events’ for Canada.

With a total of 33,108,463 views to their Channel, they are viewed in over 200 countries world-wide. The JCVdude Channel receives on average, 60,000 views per day to their videos. 

Jones also liked JCVdude’s Philosophy of ‘YOLO’ – you only live once. Vass says, “I adopted ‘YOLO’ as a part my passion and hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams, whether that’s travel or some other adventure. It’s all about being positive and believing.”

 In confirming their Vancouver appearance, Jones mentioned possible future plans for JCVdude videos on HNHeadlines site. As well, Jones said, “we can also discuss some live options”. 

Joe and Cindy are living their dream & passion through New Media – online video on YouTube. They have been extensively involved in YouTube for 3 years now and are ecstatic with not only the responses they receive from their 60,000 plus viewers/day, but also because of the recognition they receive from Google, the no.1 Search Engine in the world & YouTube, the world’s 2nd largest Search Engine.

 JCVdude YouTube Channel:

 Interview Contact:    Joe Vass & Cindy Aspde






Address:        JCVdude, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4B6

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