Welcome to Jackson County Schools Coordinated School Health website! We appreciate your interest in our program and encourage you to stop by frequently. It is our goal to provide you with material that we hope you find beneficial, as well as give you some insight as to what we do here with our Coordinated School Health Program.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Jackson County’s Coordinated School Program is to involve families, communities and schools to promote school health programs that improve student’s health outcomes, and support the connection between good health practices, academic achievement and lifelong wellness.

Benefits of a Coordinated School Health Program

Available evidence links Coordinated School Health Programs and the following academic achievement/outcomes:

Benefits to Students

* Improved student academic performance and test scores
* Decreased risky behaviors
* Reduced drop out rates
* Less absenteeism
* Less fighting
* Less smoking
* Improved rates of physical activity
* Lower rates of teenage pregnancy
* Prepare students to be productive members of their communities
* Increase interest in healthy diets

Benefits to Schools

* Reduced expenditures
* Reduced duplication
* Reduced absenteeism and classroom behavior/disciplinary problems
* Improved staff morale
* Less smoking
* Support of teacher teamwork
* Increased awareness and involvement of families and community