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Undergraduate Assistants

UIC Undergraduate assistants, independent research students and volunteers

Undergraduate volunteers are an extremely vital part of my research.  Research on the leaf-litter arthropod community entails many hours of sorting and identification of thousands of arthropods from the various sampled sites.  Interested individuals wanting to assist with my research can do so in a variety of ways, including Volunteering, doing work for college credit (BIOS 199, 391), or structuring an undergraduate research project (BIOS 399).  To date, I've had 20 people work with me in the lab, including a retired teacher, high school students, and many UIC undergraduate assistants, some of which have assisted with my field work.

Cristian's Lab Alumni:


Independent Research
Bios 399

 Francis Anthony
Isopod diversity and biomass in leaf litter
(Summer 2011-Spring 2012
Irfan Patel
Data management software for ecological and taxonomic information (Spring 2013)

Curt Martini

Using soil and vegetation data to analyze arthropod community dynamics in woodlands
(Fall 2012-Spring 2013)
Bianca Rad
Arthropod diversity and abundance in leaf litter weight
(Summer-Fall 2011)

Independent Study
BIOS 391
Grace Seuffert
(Fall 2012)

Irfan Patel

(Fall 2012)
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  Undergrad assistants
N. Cedar Smith

(Fall 2009-2010)

Ashley Morra

(Fall 2009)

Sam Zagone
(Summer 2011)
Nicole Hok
(Fall 2009-2010)

Ryshona M. Odeneal

(Summer 2010)

Shannon Simmons
(Summer 2010)

Dhingra, Akshay
(Summer 2010)
Miranda Guilbo
(Summer 2010)

Priya Bhuva
(Summer 2010)

 Daniel Alamo
(Spring 2012)

This could be YOU!
Come volunteer in our lab!

    Adult    Volunteer

John Balaban

 Emily Hansen

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Come volunteer in our lab!

 H.S. Volunteers

Imtiaz Garcia
(Summer 2010)

Kelly Arroyo
(summer 2011)
This could be YOU!
Come volunteer in our lab!

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