Japanese Class for Parents

Learning Japanese, how hard can it be?

Your son or daughter is up for the challenge, how about you?

The Japanese Class for Parents (JCP) program offers each term five 90-min classes for

parents of the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston to study Japanese on Saturday mornings.

When: 一学期に5回の授業を行います。

  • Adults will commit to 5 Saturdays per semester, and have an interest in continuing for the duration of the year (3 semesters).
  • We publish the draft schedule of classes in April to give you an idea if you can commit to the 5 classes.
  • At the beginning of each term, the schedule for the term is updated on this site.
  • Lesson times are sent in an email from teachers and the JCP lead. The 90 minute classes take place between 9 am and noon (within the schedule of Japanese School children’s classes).

Why: 親も日本語を勉強すれば、子供もさらにがんばります。

  • When parents study Japanese, children become more motivated to learn Japanese.
  • The class also leads to new opportunities for parents to be involved in PTA activities.

Who: PTAの主催です。参加はJLSの保護者に限ります。

  • The class is supported and organized by the PTA, and is available only to parents/guardians of JLS students. http://www.jlsboston.org/

Cost: 一学期に75ドルです。(教科書代は含まれていません。)

  • There is a $75 course fee, payable to JLS PTA, for the semester (5 classes). If after the first lesson you feel the lesson is not for you, then we offer a full refund.
  • Textbooks are not included in this fee and your teacher will let you know which one to get. Beginner and Intermediate classes use the ‘Genki’ series textbook and workbooks.
  • We try to accommodate all levels but if we do not have 3 or more students at a certain level we are not able to start a class.

Register at the "Signup Info - Registration Form" page.

After you sign up, we reach out to you to schedule a level check with one of our teachers and determine the best class for you.

The levels listed in the registration form are to help us prepare the level check so it does not need to be that accurate.

If you have any questions, please email: etsukosnyder@gmail.com