Who is JCP Analytics ?

My name is Jean-Christophe Paulet, I am an experienced Marketing Analyst & Consultant: See my LinkedIn profile.

I have been working as an Analyst for about 20 years, I decided to go freelance & created JCP Analytics in January 2009 as a Belgium based Ltd private company (SPRL - BVBA).
My main objective is to bring the insights & power of Analytics to leverage marketing efficiency within Companies whether they are Big or Smaller. 

I am keen to offer pragmatic solutions & insights to Small & Medium sized companies tailored to their specific business context. 

I strive to contribute to an Analytical Craftsmanship, adapted to SME's in order to inspire them with new Marketing Concepts, Improved Customer Knowledge, Creative Thinking that can be easily put into practice and deliver concrete results.  
Fresh ideas that work. 

I am also a co-founder of RBelgium, the belgian community of R users.

Overview & References 

Throughout my career, I have carried out Marketing Analysis in different sectors and different countries. I have worked mainly with large companies in Financial Services (Marks & Spencer Money, GE Capital Bank, ING, Deutsche Bank, Record Bank), Telco operators (VIPNET Croatia, Orange), Utilities (Electrabel) and FMCG (Office Depot) . These varied experiences have helped me gained a good business acumen for developing efficient solutions and a wide set of skills as a Marketing Analyst. I have mainly used the SAS technology (SAS BASE, STAT, EMINER, MACROS & E GUIDE) to carry out these various projects. SAS is a widely spread Commercial Statistical package, especially among bigger companies.

I have now been developing a substantial knowledge of Open source Analytical tools (R) in order to make my experience and skills available to smaller companies or big companies with a limited budget to be devoted to new applications or methods. 
Indeed, by using adapted methods and an affordable technology I want to implement Analytical Solutions which will help smaller companies to grow their business.  

I have built Clustering models for Telco operators using the SAS technology , and recently I developed a clustering model in R for a large Telco operator operating in different countries. I have also performed clustering analysis to help Insurance Companies and Banks to better understand their customer base. 

I strive to make the Clustering models serve strategic marketing purposes (refining the marketing mix, define the path of the customer journey or KPIs of your customer base) but also operational purposes as clusters have proved useful for selecting appropriate customer groups for specific X-Sell campaigns.

Clustering is all about letting the Data Speak... and... listening to Marketing Managers in order to understand the busines context in which the results of the Analysis are going to be used. 

Indeed, If you have to let the Data speak, you must focus the discussion on business relevant topics and refine the business questions that need to be adressed throughout the analysis so that the when Data speak, your interpretation of it makes total business sense.  The success of a Segmentation is not measured by means of statistical indicators only, but most of all by its capacity to enthuse the Marketing Managers and trigger off new initiatives. That is why I have always thought about delivering a solution that will be pragmatic, reliable in the longer run and that tells a real business story. 

I have built Predictive Models allowing to predict the level interest of a customer for a specific offer and also models to predict the probability that a customer will decide to stop using products or services (churn modelling). I have also worked on a model predicting the potential wealth detained by customers outside the bank. 

Again here, it is not so much about mastering the technicalities of the mathematical models used than it is about understanding the business context and the data available for the Analysis.  

I have worked on Market Basket Analysis projects aiming at discovering products which are commonly bought together. Once these baskets have been defined we look at each customer 's recent purchases and offer them the product (called GAP offer) they haven't bought completing a basket in order to maximize the chances of making a sale. These projects were automated from data extraction down to best GAP offer generation at customer level export to the Sales applications.

I have worked on Campaign selection Management projects at ING: 

  • I created a tool selecting customers eligible for the different operational stages for opening the new online Lion Account.
  • I created a tool for automatic quality screening of customer selections made by Campaign Analysts to help them ultimately ascertain that all the customers selected are eligible for the requested campaign.
  • I created a Post-Campaign Analysis tool that discovered specific groups of customers showing a higher response rate to specific Direct Marketing Campaigns rolled out in the past. The key learnings can then be applied to improve on the selection criteria for future campaigns. 

Here is what some of my previous customers or colleagues/managers have to say about their collaboration with me: 

"J-C has worked as a member of the Customer Intelligence & Analysis team within M&S Money for the past year (August 2003- July 2004).
Jean has worked on a number of key projects. These have included: development of a credit card customer segmentation system based on detailed transaction data; direct mail propensity models to identify best prospects within the M&S Money customer base for cross sales activity for Buildings & Contents insurance; a raft of work integral to the launch targeting of the M&S &More credit/loyalty card.  
Jean has been a pleasure to manage, showing not only a positive general attitude, but also a rare dedication to the development of his craft. In fact, if I was to use one word to summarise my view then “craftsman” would probably have to be my choice."
Martin Squires
Customer Intelligence & Analysis Manager, M&S Money
DMA Data Council (2000-2004)

"Jean has very strong mathematical and statistical knowledge. He also has very strong SAS programming skills and has worked on a number of key projects supporting credit card and general insurance that have added value to the business.
His dedication and enthusiasm for new interesting areas is second to none. Jean has been a valued member of the team and has demonstrated a willingness to learn, improve and share learning. He would be an asset to any organisation able to use his strong technical skills."
Jason Morgan
Head of Modelling team
Customer Intelligence & Analysis Manager, M&S Money

"At a time being at Vipnet I had an opportunity to work with J-C on the customer behavioral segmentation project. J-C proved to be excellent expert having in the same time clear understanding of both business and technical objectives of the project - to create robust model which would support realization of the organization's CRM strategy. He showed strong capability of presenting the matter to various groups, from technical to business and management levels. Besides his technical skills, his creativity and positive can-do attitude toward problem solving were one of the key factors of the project's success. It was pleasure to work with Jean-Christophe and I fully recommend him as an excellent consultant and business partner."
Boris Brešić
Head of Telco, Media & Technology Practice and Project Manager at Atos

"J-C is a good analytical consultant. He's fully dedicated to the success of his projects and finds solutions to meet business needs above expectations. He's got great skills to promote the added value of analytical studies and to tailor his communication to the audience"
Christian Colot
Head of Customer Intelligence - Marketing at Record Bank

"I have worked together with J-C at La Post in Brussels on an analytical marketing project. Jean-Christoph can have good and fast insight in the issues of the customer. Together with his practical SAS software skills he can come up with usable models for the business."
Longhow Lam
Technology Solution Consultant Analytics at SAS

"J-C is a talented and dedicated professional in analytics. He is always very enthusiastic and has a very collaborative style. He is a great team player and working with him was a real pleasure."
Martine George, PhD
Analytics Team Maker & Executive Coach

"Collaboration with JC was great. He combines enthousiasm, and 200% dedication with a pro-active and co-thinking attitude. Most importantly, our client was satisfied not only about the collaboration, but also about the results that were produced."
Marc Weiler
Senior Manager CRM and Customer Intelligence