My approach to service offering is versatile and adapted to what my client needs are ... and I know from experience that they can be very different.

I can work for you as:
  • a coach within an established team
  • an ad-hoc consultant to complete your team and help them in their daily activities on a temporary basis (full-time or part-time)
  • a single Analyst/Project leader on a specific task limited in time, scope and budget (fixed-price project)
I want my client to pay for my expertise only, and not for a new commercial package, therefore I work, if possible, with your own reporting or Analytical tools.
If you are not already using any specific analytical tool while one is necessary to successfully complete the project, I would discuss your needs with you and suggest a commercial package or a reliable free package which would fit in your work environment.

When working on a "fixed-price" or "Proof of concept" (pilot) project, a milestone-based "stop or go" project approach ensures you easily control the total project cost at each step of the way: