You know your customers do not all behave in the same you want to identify and describe their distinct behaviours in order to treat them according to their needs and expectations ? 

Are you concerned by the amount of sales you are losing due to customers reducing or stopping buying your products or services ?

Do you want to reduce Direct Marketing costs but not the efficiency of your Marketing actions ?
Please read this comprehensible introduction to predictive modelling in Marketing... 

Do you want to further improve quality of your Marketing reports through new indicators or graphical representations ?

Marketing Analytics & statistics help you improve your business via a clearer understanding of your customer's behaviour and attitudes...

A few significant examples:
  • Identify distinct groups of customers and how they behave with your products / services to help you better tailor your marketing mix
  • Identify popular product baskets to help you optimize store/catalog design & and make successful bundled offers
  • Enabling you to better negotiate with your providers by knowing which are your sales driving products and how they influence sales of other products
  • Enabling you to preempt any decision from your customers to stop using your products or services
  • Enabling you to acquire new profitable customers
On the Campaign Mangement side:

Do you need help in setting up an ad-hoc customer selection process for a chain of coherent emails respecting an operational procedure (online sign-up process for a new insurance product, requiring different operational/admin. steps) ?

Do you need help in ensuring that your Direct Mailing campaign selections are indeed accurate before you send them to the post ? 

JCP Analytics helps you do just that !

If you need support to develop Marketing Analysis & reporting capabilities within your are at the right place !

Get in touch if you need :
  • A project leader, working within your team or in solo, for a fixed-priced project to develop a specific analytical /reporting approach.
  • Extra support to your marketing team for a period of time in your daily analysis & reporting work.
This is within reach of Small & Medium companies too...

Indeed it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you much or require huge IT investments to harvest the fruit of a Pragmatic Analytical approach, the info is already there, lying in your transactional & customer data.
What you need is analytical expertise adapted to your context in order to gain new insight.

How your Marketing could be transformed through Analytics...

Marketing Analytics can quickly bring new insights, but it can also be a long-term step by step approach that can transform your marketing approach...