Some of the poems included in this web site were originally published in Poetry Greece (Corfu),  Tundra (Foster City, California), The  Dark Horse (Ayrshire, Scotland and Hastings on Hudson, New York), The Poet's Voice (Bath), The International Journal of Erotica (Wilmslow, UK), Clark Street Review   (San Luis Obispo, California), Equinox (Herne Bay, England), Grey  Matter (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), and The Phoenix (Chicago), and in  the online literary magazines Isibongo (University of Capetown), Lynx (Bath),  The Poetry Kit (New Malden, England), and Fieralingue (Bolzano, Italy), as well as appearing  in the book length collections Roman Erotic Elegy (Salzburg University Press, 1995),  A Glass of New Made Wine (Salzburg, Poetry Salzburg, 1999), and Summoning  the sea: an anthology of contemporary poetry and prose (Salzburg , University of Salzburg, 1996).   Some minor corrections and revisions have been made to this web site's selections, which should be considered to supersede any versions appearing elsewhere.

Heading graphic to Windows of Air, Sumerian Lyre Player, Ur, c. 2500 bce.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.  Licensing information.

Heading graphic to Death of a Nation by Jon Corelis.

Heading graphic to Shards of Time by Jon Corelis, based on an imaginary portrait of the Roman poet Horace, from Bibliothek des allgemeinen und praktischen Wissens. Bd. 5 (1905), Abriß der Weltliteratur, Seite 51.  Source:   Wikimedia Commons.   Licensing information.

Heading graphic to Need I say more? by Jon Corelis, based on a U. S. Government image from Wikimedia Commons.  Licensing information.

The essay "From Scotland to Suburbia" originally appeared in Chapman.  The review of the Library of America's  anthology American Poetry: the Twentieth Century and the article "The One Great Poem: The Poetries of The Oxford  Books of English Verse," originally appeared in Acumen.

Heading graphic to Kaleidoscope by Jon Corelis, incorporating image of Aphrodite, National Archaeological Museum of Athens photo by Ricardo André Frantz  licensing information.

Photograph of Jon Corelis by Jon Corelis. 

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