The jCoreDB system will be devevloped highly extensible and modular. The following products are currently planned:

jCoreDB JSON stores JSON documents by their id. The core will be extended by a simple API. The purpose of this database is to support AJAX like Web Apps those would benefit from RESTFul access to safely redundant stored JSON data.

This is a Graph Database System. It should be especially used if you have a lot of connected data. It will provide a standardized API access to your stored graphs.

Other possible products
  • jCoreDB Triple: A triple store
  • jCoreDB Col: A column store
  • jCoreDB Doc: A document repository
  • jCoreDB Rel: A relational database system
jCoreDB Rel could provide a simple DBS which can be accessed via SQL. The core's cache is configured in a common way (not that huge in size, but with respect to a high hit ratio). The core works in a high transactional mode. A column store which stores the data column-wise for for analytical purposes is possible. The core's cache is very huge, to read the most data from the physical memory. Transactions do not matter. The combination of both means to synchronize data from the relational instance to the column store in order to get a higher read only throughput