About the development team of jCoreDB:

David Maier
David studied Computer Science at the technical university of Ilmenau (Germany) and got yet a Cand. Inf. (intermediate degree). His main focuses were Mathematics, Neuro Informatics and Database Implementation. After working as project leader for aquisition of software, in 2006 he began to work for the Ingres Corp. (The vendor of the Open Source database system with the name 'Ingres Database'). There he started as a Developer in the Quality Assurance division of Ingres. In 2007 he became a Software Engineer at Ingres by beeing a member of the Emerging Technoligies Team and by being responsible for Partner Certification projects. An additional role was the 'Community Activist' one. There his focus was on Enterprise Content Management. He continued to work for Ingres as a Senior Software Engineer by being responsible for Migration Tooling (Ingres Migration Toolset). In 2011 he began to work as a Senior Software Consultant for a small Database startup which was named 'sones'. There he designed and implemented the persistent storage engine for the No-SQL DBS 'sones GraphDB'. He also had a strong customer and community focus. Currently he is working as a Senior Consultant for a Consulting company in Munich (Bavaria) by leading and realizing Information Management projects with a strong focus on Enterprise Content Management.

Alexander Fiedler
Alex studied Business Informatics in Ilmenau (Germany) and got a Master's degree. His main focuses during his studies were 'Simulation of Production Systems' and the 'Virtual Factory for Production environments',   After working a while as a Developer for the No-SQL start-up 'sones', he is now working for an automotive company by beeing an internal IT Consultant.

Enrico Weigelt

Enrico is the CEO of Metux IT Services. Metus IT Services is providing Software Engineering, Consulting and Solutions. As a Freelancer he is realizing projects with a focus on embedded systems. He realized for instance projects with the following subjects: 'GNU/Linux embedded development', 'A Framework/Toolkit for sophisticated embedded buildsystems', 'Distro agnostic quality management and release engineering' and 'Encrypted wide-distributed cloud storage w/ content-addressing and inline on-demand replication'.

Christian Maier
Christian is working as a professional graphics designer. He supports the project with some artwork. For instance, the logo was designed by him.