Jewish Community Foundation Annual Brunch

Post date: Nov 19, 2013 2:34:26 AM

This year's annual brunch held November 17, 2013 at Beth Hillel Temple featured special guest speaker, Micha Feldman.

Micha Feldmann has been aiding the immigration and absorption process in Israel, alongside the Jewish Agency and other organizations, since 1970. Since 1982 he has devoted his life to bringing the Ethiopian Jews to Israel and helping them integrate into Israeli society.

Prior to "Operation Solomon" in 1991, Micha was the head of the Jewish Agency mission to Ethiopia and the Israeli consul there. He was one of the chief architects of the operation, which succeeded in bringing 14,310 Ethiopian Jews out of besieged Addis Ababa in one weekend.

Micha speaks Amharic fluently and knows virtually every Ethiopian family in Israel. He is therefore known as "Abba Micha.”

In 1994 Micha spent four months in Rwanda assisting over 100,000 refugees return home from neighboring countries.

He has served as a Jewish Agency emissary in Germany and San Francisco, and since 1991 he has spoken on behalf of Israel and the Ethiopian community to Jewish communities in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and all over Europe.

Currently Micha serves as the director of the Ethiopian department within SELAH - the Israel Crisis Management Center, an organization that takes care of new immigrants from Ethiopia and the FSU who were stricken by tragedy.

In 1998, Micha published his first book called "The Ethiopian Exodus.” In 2012 the English translation entitled “On Wings of Eagles" was published.

Micha is married with four sons and six grandchildren.