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Welcome to the Create Worship community. We are here to enable you to provide creative and meaningful worship experiences for your congregation. Creative worship is simply using more than one of the five senses to express praise & worship to our Heavenly Father. We believe in following suit in regards to the teachings of Jesus. For example, as found in Luke 22, Jesus engaged His disciples with more than one sense.

Imagine the upper room, furnished and ready for the Passover meal. The smell of bread in the air. The first communion in process. Sight, taste, smell, touch, hear. These men were fully drawn in.

In no way shape or form, do we believe that creative worship is the sole fulfillment for a member of the body of Christ. Rather, every one of us needs to pursue a life of prayer, reading & studying the word, fellowship, discipleship etc, in order for us to grow and bear fruit. We pray you keep this in mind as you prepare for worship this day. Blessings upon you!