Jack Hasselbring

Elementary Instrumental Music Teacher, woodwind specialist

Holland Brook School, Readington Township NJ

Notes on Deerhoof's Fresh Born  - Arrangement for 2nd or 3rd year band (Grade 1.5 - 2):

I didn't deviate too much from the original barebones arrangement. My experience with younger bands has taught me to arrange sparsely, with little "clutter", so the three parts of the arrangement translated nicely to a beginning band arrangement. My primary considerations were playability and fun. The more complex rhythms of the piece would be difficult for 5th or 6th graders to read, but they would do fine if taught those sections "by rote". Some of the low brass parts are a bit difficult - trombone uses 7th position unless a trigger is used. The xylophone and bell parts are important, so substitutions would be needed if they aren't available. Enjoy!

 FreshBorn.mp3 - Me playing band instruments - please forgive my low brass playing! 

Freshborn.sib You'll need to extract the parts, and maybe add some breathmarks. 

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