Santhigiri Ashram is not a religious function

The spiritual performance of Santhigiri Ashram is not a religious function. It is intended for leading forward the humanity and correcting it. For that they have to be made aware of the error that had taken place long ago which has to be corrected. The civilized way of living requires the correction of erroneous life style that had been in vogue for long. The very action of pointing out the existing error should not be allowed to turn out as a fresh error. We should be prepared to declare that there is an effective method for the intended correction. For this it requires that one should come to know or experience the Supreme Soul who fills with radiating light the planetary and interplanetary spheres of the system of nine planets. There is the spiritual wisdom starting at the first sky [Akasa] and encompassing the succeeding planes of the different specifications of light.
 But the scriptural renderings of wisdom do not effectively bring out that the spark of life illuminating the life - force of a live tree is immanent in every living being. The written history, which is a mixture of Vedic, Puranic and Scriptural thought does not illustrate this fact. Beginning from the humble grass or from the five elements involving the water content the life - force is evaluated; this leads to the five spiritual cells [Pancha Kosa- namely Annamaya, Pranamaya, Jnanamaya, Vinjanamaya and Anandamaya]. Scholars have tried to add a sixth one to the existing five cells. This concept of the sixth one is far from the truth, though it may appear reasonable, pure and scholarly. The devotees adhering to Yoga Cult have zealously strived to cultivate the soul to transform it into a repository of wisdom. Their super human effort is beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. The fulfillment of scholarship is prone to the commission of the error of cherishing the notion that the different cults of Yogi, Jnani, Karmi and Bhaktha belong to one fold. They should at least make a note of this spiritual fact that the nine-fold light can emanate from one atom as has been proved by the possibility of atomic reaction brought about by modern scientific research. There was a theory that the atom cannot be split. Now who has split the atom? The assertion of the indivisibility of the atom is similar to the theory of Advaita. Science can bring to light a number of facts. But the method or path followed by the scientist need not necessarily be the proper one. What do we understand from this? His findings may be scientifically true. The nature has arranged everything without holding back anything from our observation. The spokesman of the truth can alone clarify the objective tribulations of the life - force in accordance with the different statures of individual souls. The great men whose sustained effort in search of the source of grace for long having acted upon every cell beginning from the Annamaya kosa and through a long journey enabling them to reach Anandamaya kosa. The objective evaluation of possessive process of spiritual phenomena can be done only by a seeker of truth. The mathematicians or the scientists insisting upon a systematic study of mathematics or the dictionary of Gundert, which can be considered as a mathematical study of the origin and development of words and phrases. One reservoir or backwater is quite different from another. Suppose somebody commits the erroneous action of assessing a reservoir in mathematical terms quite in line with Amarakosha, the dictionary of synonyms. If all the reservoirs are emptied into the ocean without knowing that the ocean itself is moving about over the surface of the earth one can not figure out the intricacies of the system. One of the old folk songs in Malayalam refers to a tree of seven-leafed branches on the other shore of the seven seas. This is an imagination, which has merged with poetic action of reason. The imagery and reasoning differ from individual to individual. Does this mean that the writer and the readers have actually seen it? This is as effective as the consolation acquired by calculating the intensity of the rosy light emanating from each sky (Spiritual sky). The repetitive capacity of the three Yugas gone by when ripening into that of the fourth (Kali) Yuga will clearly show the void left by the theory of Advaitha. Why should one engage in the futile act of explaining the reality of a void?

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