Palghat gap (Western Ghats Kerala)

Some of the important gaps or pases in the Western Ghats which have facilitated inter-state contacts. The major gap is the Palghat gap which is about 20 miles broad. On either hand tower the giant Nilagiris and Anamals, over-topping the chain of ghats by several thousand feet, while through the gap the south-west winds being pleasent moist air and grateful showers to the thirsty plains of Coimbatore, and roads, and  railway. View Video clips. Palghat Gaps
A Crying Boy. 1955 PhotoN G Nair Kerala travel 2010Ever since my early childhood days in Vaikom Kottayam Dist. Kerala (where I grew up in a rural village) called thottakom I had been fascinated by the monsoon rainsBorn as the son of teacher at Thottakom Vaikom, Kottayam District. Kerala State Mountain ranges in Kerala consisting of the highland area of the Western Ghats‎. Mining Engineers Dairy - Metalliferous Mines India,
The Palghat gap has moulded the climate of the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is because of this gap that the plains of Kerala get the benefit of the south-west monsoon and Central Central Kerala that of the North-east Monsoon. In ancient days the palghat gap must have served as a highway of commerce. It was because of the Palghat gap the Chola power could expand into Kerala and Chera power into the Kongu country at an early period of Kerala History. In the eighteenth century the Mysore rulers, Haider Ali and Tipu Sulthan, carried out their raids into Kerala through the Palghat gap. 

The Palghat gap has facilitated the immigration of diverse social groups into Kerala from beyond her boarders.  View Video Clips Western Ghats.

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