Kerala coast has attracted foreign traders

Kerala coast has attracted foreign traders. The sea has been a permanent and decisive factor in the history of Kerala. It has invested the State with a maritime tradition of its own. The Kerala coast has attracted foreign traders from Europe and Asia from very early days. In view of its extensive sea-coast Kerala has been served by a number of sea ports the relative importance of which has fluctuated from age to age. The most important sea port of ancient Kerala through which commercial and cultural contacts were kept up with foreign countries were Muziris, Tyndis, Barace and Nelcynda. Such ports as Quilon (Kollam), Calicut, (Kozhikode) and Cochin (Kochi) came into prominence in later periods of Kerala history. It was the extensive sea-coast washed by the waters of Arabian Sea that exposed Kerala to the onslaughts of the maritime powers of Europe like the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the English ever since the landing of Vasco da Gama at Calicut in 1498. The remnants of the European forts which may be seen at such places as Anjengo, (Anchutengu), Tankasseri, Pallipuram, Tellicherry (Talasseri) and Cannore (Kannur) on the Kerala coast proclaim even to-day the story of these foreign invasions. It is significant that such religions as Judasim, Christianity and Islam came to Kerala by sea. Thus the isolation to which Kerala was subjected by the Western Ghats lying on its eastern borders was more than compensated by the extensive foreign contacts facilitated by its long-cost on the west. N G Nair Kerala Travel Thiruvananthapuram
N G Nair IndiaA Crying Boy. 1955 PhotoN G Nair Kerala travel 2010Ever since my early childhood days in Vaikom Kottayam Dist. Kerala (where I grew up in a rural village) called thottakom I had been fascinated by the monsoon rainsBorn as the son of teacher at Thottakom Vaikom, Kottayam District. Kerala State Mountain ranges in Kerala consisting of the highland area of the Western Ghats‎. Mining Engineers Dairy - Metalliferous Mines India, 

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