Kerala Backwaters

In addition to the rivers, Kerala has a continuous chain of lagoons and backwaters that run parallel to the sea-coast and receive water from the numerous streams and rivers of the land. They facilitate almost through communication between the northern and southern parts of Kerala. The most important lakes in North Kerala are Kumbla, Kalnad, Bekal, Kavvai etc. The place of pride among the Kerala backwaters goes to the ever blue Vembanad lake which stretches from Alleppey to Cochin and is 52 miles long. It covers an area of 79 sq. miles. The famous pilgrim centre of Vaikom (Vaikam) is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake. About N G Nair from Vaikom Kottayam Kerala StateSarla Nair India (Copper Mining Family)my home town temples kerala templesहम होगें कामयाब एक दिन (Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din)

List of Kerala Rivers : Get a complete list of all the 44 rivers of Kerala, along with their place of origin, major tributaries and distributaries of each river, where they empties into and the length of each river. Total No. of Rivers in Kerala : 44 No. of west flowing Rivers : 41. No. of east flowing Rivers : 3
Longest River in Kerala : Periyar. Largest Backwater Lake in Kerala : Vembanad Lake.
Rivers and Backwaters of Kerala : 44 rivers of Kerala along with the backwaters and other water reservoirs. 

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Kerala is the land of Rivers and Backwaters. Its rivers criss-cross the state physique like blood veins. They fertilize the land, turn the waste into the wealth of the rich, black, alluvial soil. The Lowlands or the coastal area, made up of river deltas, backwaters and the Arabian coast, is essentially a land of coconuts and rice.

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