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JCHP Committee

JCHP Commmittee

We have something new this year - an adult and youth team for every office.  

The goals of this change are;

  • to allow youth to be officers for a large project without shouldering 100% of the burden
  • to develop confidence in the youth (and adult)
  • to promote "working together" for youth and adult
  • to get the youth more engaged in the running of the Horse & Pony project

2018 - 2019 officers are:

  • Role - Youth member, Adult Member
  • Chair - Amy Griffin, Tina Remsik
  • Vice Chair - Virginia Klecker Ursala Yaeggi
  • Treasurer - Suraya Drewek, Lori Hogan 
  • Secretary - Sarah Williams, Denise Last
  • Reporter - Megan Cooper, Wendy Cooper 
  • Member at Large - Abbie Drefahl & Katie Thelen, Pam Drewek
  • Equine Ambassador - Micah Yaeggi