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Class E - Club Herdsmanship 1. All clubs, regardless of the number of entries, will be automatically entered in herdsmanship and will be required to follow all herdsmanship and exhibit rules. 2. Clubs having only a limited number of horse and pony project members may join with one or more other clubs and enter herdsmanship as one unit. 3. Herdsmanship cannot be entered online. 4. The scorecard for judging herdsmanship and other rules pertaining to herdsmanship will be found in the current years "Horse and Pony Project Handbook". Premiums: $9.00 – 8.00 – 7.00 – 6.00

FAIR List for Other Large Animals 2019 - Please sign up for any other Large Animals that you are showing.

FAIR Volunteer Form 2019 - Please sign up for helping when you are available.