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JCHP Equine Ambassador Program

Current Ambassador

Micah Yaeggi (2018-2019)

Past Ambassadors

Kayla Donaldson (2017‐2018)

Melissa Melcher (2016‐2017)

Destiny Donaldson (2015-2016)

Natalie Ciciva (2014-2015)

Holly Graffin (2013-2014)

Amanda LePak (2012-2013)

Amanda French (2011-2012)

Caitlin Finger (2010-2011)

Morgan Endl (2009-2010)

Jason Kissner (2008‐2009)

Becky Ruehle (2007‐2008)

Mission statement

The Jefferson County Horse & Pony Ambassador program strives to provide an 

opportunity to practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other project youth

and to represent and promote the 4-H Horse program for public relations purposes at 

county and state events.


Questions?  Please email jchpchair@gmail.com

Equine Ambassador Program Details 2019 

Equine Ambassador Application