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JCHP Equine Ambassador Program

Current Ambassador

Kayla Donaldson (2017-2018)

Past Ambassadors

Becky Ruehle (20072008)

Jason Kissner (20082009)

Morgan Endl (20092010)

Caitlin Finger (20102011)

Amanda French (2011 2012)

Amanda LePak (20122013)

Holly Graffin(20132014)

Natalie Ciciva (20142015)

Destiny Donaldson (20152016)

Melissa Melcher (20162017)


Mission statement

The Jefferson County Horse & Pony Ambassador program strives to provide an opportunity to practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other project youth and to represent and promote the 4-H Horse program for public relations purposes at county and state events.


Questions?  Please email jchpchair@gmail.com

Equine Ambassador Program Details 

Equine Ambassador Application