Upcoming JCHP Events: (Please refer to newsletters for more specific details on upcoming events.)
  • Horse education nights- Mondays 7:00 to 8:00pm, UW Extension office
  • April 28th - 6:00pm Stall set up at the fair park, Bring muscles, hammers, and gloves.
  • May 9th - 9-11am Spring Workshop cover nutrition and getting ready for fair.
  • May 25th - JCHP Open Show

Upcoming Non-JCHP Events:
  • May 22-24th - Badger Classic Horse Show hosted by WAHA and WDHA, Jefferson County Fairgrounds 
    • We are reaching out to the public and the press, as the Arabian Horse Association has declared May 2015, "Celebrate the Arabian Horse Month". We have special demonstrations and education opportunities planned, that include hands on time with Arabian Horses. The event will be part of the Arabian Horse Associations "TA.I.L." (Total Arabian Interaction Learning) Program.
Monthly Newsletters:
Attendance:  JCHP will begin using "Fair Qualification Cards" & "Point Cards" this year for members to track and verify their own attendance. Check here to see if you've turned yours in.