Joost de Winter Joost C.F. de Winter, associate professor

Cognitive Robotics Department

Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

Delft University of Technology

Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft, the Netherlands


Biographical Information

Birth: March 7, 1979; The Netherlands.

Educational Background

2009 PhD (cum laude), Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

Delft University of Technology

Dissertation title: "Advancing simulation-based driver training"

2004 MSc, AeroSpace Engineering

Delft University of Technology

Research Interests

My research interest is human factors and statistical modeling of human-machine interaction. My earlier work focused on studying the effectiveness of technological solutions (such as visual, auditory, and vibrotactile displays) for training and assisting car drivers in simulators. I became intrigued by the fact that large differences exist between the behaviors of individual drivers, and broadened my approach to include the study of individual differences, behavior modeling, multivariate statistics, and research methodology. Why some persons make errors and others commit traffic violations is a challenging research question with broad implications for theories of road safety and human-machine interaction. I have previously secured a VENI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). In later projects granted by the Technology Foundation STW and the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN), our research focuses on driver assessment and human-machine interfaces for automated driving, in cooperation with car manufacturers, universities, and research institutes across Europe. Currently, I am working on a VIDI project: "How should automated vehicles communicate with other road users?" and on a replication project that is concerned with measuring pupil diameter.


Educational services

ME41080 (formerly WB2404) Human-machine systems (lecturer since 2005, course responsible since 2011)

BM41045 (formerly BM1104) Experimental Design, Statistics & The Human (course responsible since 2014)

WBTP303 BSc Research Project (various roles: session chair, jury member, jury chair, lecturer, coordinator, 2009 onwards)

WB3190IO Automotive Safety & Human Factors (lecturer, project-based education)

ME1100 Automotive Crash Safety; Active & Passive Safety Systems (guest lecturer since 2008)

WB2306 The Human Controller (guest lecturer since 2010)

IO3640 Automotive Context (guest lecturer in 2011)

BM1230 Selected Topics in Tissue Biomechanics and Implants (guest lecturer in 2012)


Contributions to the The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)