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About Jessica Caruso

      Ever since I was a very young girl I wanted to dress my best. Once I learned the basics of sewing I quickly moved on to VoguePatterns. I became interested in designers and everything that 
had to do with fashion. 
    Eventually I went to the School of Fashion Design in Boston and completed a two-year program certificate in pattern making, draping, design, and textiles.  I have loved putting fabrics together
with design to create my own personal presentation to the world.
     For a number of years I had my own sewing business which involved alterations and custom clothing. I was able to help my customers with fit and fabric issues.
    I also spent several years working at the French clothing company Rodier in Boston. There I helped customers choose clothing based on color, fit, and style.
    In 2002 I met Evana Maggiore who brought Feng Shui to my home. Evana had also created Fashion Feng Shui and introduced it to me. I was fascinated by the Fashion Feng Shui concept and began to explore it. I started with a personal color consultation which opened the door to my style. I also began to understand why much of my wardrobe was not working for me. With a clearer sense of personal color and style I was able to turn around a lackluster start as a MiddleSchool World Language teacher. I was able to hold the attention of Middle School students through my fashion style. Because of that experience I believe very strongly in the power of style. 
    Recently I retired from the classroom to pursue a career in Fashion Feng Shui. As a certified Fashion Feng Shui facilitator, combined with all the my years of experience in fashion, I am now able to help people find their own style. The marriage of essence and intention with appearance can have a powerful impact on one's connection with the world. Let me help you find your place in the world.