Getting started

Individual Consultations: Two and a half hour meeting

We will discover your authentic essence and identify your intentions and goals. Then I will marry that with your physical appearance to create a style that works for you. There are two tasks to complete before our meeting.
When we finish you will know why certain clothing works and why other clothing doesn't. You will be able to answer your wardrobe wonder questions and avoid impulse purchases in the future that don't work for you.

You will have a:

    -Custom Elemental Design Portfolio
    -Custom Style Strategy and Wardrobe Planner
    -Elemental Color Wands

Introductory Offer: $180

Group Style Presentations: One hour to three hour presentations depending on depth.

Either in a small group of friends, family or an organization, I will introduce the concept of Fashion Feng Shui and explain through examples how it works. Using the five elements I will explain how they appear in color, style, fabric, and texture. Then I will show how they impact personal style. 

You will have a:

    -Copy of Fashion Feng Shui's Wardrobe Wisdom

Introductory offer: $100/hour

Closet Audit: Hourly charge to meet and go through your closet and drawers. When we complete this process you will love what you have and know what you need to purchase to fill in any gaps.

You will have a:

    -Closet that works for you.

Shopping: Hourly charge to meet and help you shop to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

For Closet Audit and Shopping contact me for prices.

Please contact me at: 
for further information and an appointment