Welcome to Wardrobe Harmony.

    Do you have trouble deciding what to wear?
    Do  you get confused while shopping?
    Have you lost weight?
    Are you changing jobs, moving, or going on a trip?
    Are you retiring and still very active?




    If you have answered yes to any of these questions I can help you create a harmonious wardrobe that fulfills, fortifies, and flatters you.
Simultaneously, you will save time and money. 
    Using the Fashion Feng Shui system will help align your mind, body, and spirit through color, fabric, texture, and silhouette. Together will will establish your spirit essence and mind intention first. Then we will marry those with your body appearance to determine what style of clothing works best for you. The result will be a powerful way of dressing that allows you to show your personal style in all situations.

    When you truly know what works for you I can help you clean out your closet, create a capsule wardrobe, or pack for a trip. You will experience a lightness of being and feel wonderful wearing the clothing that you do have.

    I am available for group presentations as well, be it with  your friends, family, or colleagues. 


   Five Elements:
  Are you the philosopher of the Water element?
  Are you the pioneer of the Wood element?
  Are you the pleasure seeker of the Fire element?
  Are you the peacemaker of the Earth element?
  Are you the perfectionist of the Metal element?
    Most of us are a combination of elements. Your particular elements will help determine colors, fabrics, textures, and silhouette that best work for you.