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We report a 4 7 year-old female presenting with heart failure secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy of unknown etiology. During the five months following the first hospitalization the patient had multiple hospital admissions due to decompensate heart failure. Due to a history of intermittent diarrhea and weight loss, a celiac disease was suspected. Antiendomysial antibodies were positive and there was a villous atrophy in duodenal mucosa. A gluten free diet was started with a concomitant recovery of her functional capacity. After one month of gluten free diet a new echocardiogram showed a normal left ventricle and systolic function.
[Dilated cardiomyopathy in celiac disease: Report of one case.]

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We describe a patient with celiac disease associated with cardiomyopathy and pulmonary hemosiderosis.
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CONCLUSIONS: We detected subclinical systolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in children with coeliac disease in whom serum IgA Antiendomysial Antibody reactivity is prominent. Tissue Doppler echocardiography provides a quantifiable indicator useful for cardiac monitoring of disease during follow up.
Cardiac functions in children with coeliac disease during follow-up: insights from tissue Doppler imaging.
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CONCLUSION: Our findings suggest that coeliac disease seems to be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular outcome.
The association between coeliac disease and cardiovascular disease.
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In conclusion, data from the present study allows recommend the screening for CD in patients with CM using IgA-EmA test as the method of choice.
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Mortality Excess in Individuals with Elevated IgA Anti-Transglutaminase Antibodies: The KORA/MONICA Augsburg Cohort Study 1989-1998.
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We describe a patient with celiac disease associated with cardiomyopathy whose cardiac function improved substantially after treatment with a gluten-free diet. Cardiomyopathy associated with celiac disease is a serious and potentially lethal condition. However, with early diagnosis and treatment with a gluten-free diet, cardiomyopathy in patients with celiac disease may be completely reversible.
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An enteropathy with almost total atrophy of the villi was discovered in a 13-year old girl with idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis. Coeliac disease was strongly suspected but could not be proven. This case draws attention to the possible association of an idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis with a coeliac disease.
[Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis and celiac disease in a child. Case report]
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