• As the Student Sustainability Committee of Johnson County Community College, our mission is to ensure progress toward a more sustainable campus.
  • Our main purpose is to allocate funds for the advancement of sustainability by JCCC. These funds should be apportioned for projects proposed by the students, faculty, or staff, but must be dispersed in a manner that upholds the mission of the SSC.
  • Supports JCCC Vision, Mission, and Values


  • Sarah Carpenter, Co-Chair, Founding Member
  • Chris Stone, Co-Chair, Founding Member, Honors, PTK, SEA, EPRM
  • George Hoech, Founding Member, EPRM
  • Jasmine Myers, IDSA Delegate
  • Peter Gaskamp, SEA Delegate
  • Karen Long, Honors Delegate, IDSA, PTK
  • Amir Abbaszadeh, SS Delegate
  • Lori Hammons, PTK Delegate
  • Kevin Clark, SS
  • Donna Sanders, PTK, SEA


  • Dr. Jay Antle, Executive Director JCCC Center for Sustainability, Professor History
  • Mindy Manes, Administrative Assistant, Center for Sustainability
  • Michael Rea, Recycling Coordinator, Center for Sustainability
  • Mike Ryan, Campus Farm/Outreach Manager, Center for Sustainability
  • Kim Criner, Student Sustainability Affairs Coordinator, Center for Sustainability
  • Dr. Stuart Shafer, Professor/Chair Sociology, Student Farm, Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator
  • Steven Giambrone, Professor Biology, Honors Program
  • Dr. Deborah Williams, Professor Biology, Honors Program
  • Dan Eberle, Professor EPRM, Solar Technologies Program

Photo by Jim McKirdy.

  • Erin Willard, Co-Founder Fall 2009, JCCC Honors Program Graduate
  • Jessica Garden, Co-Founder Fall 2009, JCCC Nursing Program
  • Courtney Masterson, Founding Member Spring 2010, JCCC Honors Program Graduate
  • Trent Brining, Founding Member Spring 2010
  • Amy Pepper, Founding Member Spring 2010
  • Isaac Miller, Founding Member Spring 2010
  • Karly Schmidt, Faculty Spring 2010
  • Alex Wickstrom, Fall 2010
  • Alex Rouyanian, SS, PTK, Fall 2010
  • Leah Clayman, SEA, Fall 2010
  • Stephanie Henderson, EPRM, Fall 2010
  • Jeremy Williams, SEA, Fall 2010
  • Jeremy Walsh, SS, Fall 2010
The Student Sustainability Committee meets approximately 7-8 times per semester.

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