Dr. Juan Carlos Burguillo-Rial

.::. Professional Profile

Juan Carlos Burguillo-Rial is a telecommunication engineer (1995) and Ph.D. in telematics (2001). Nowadays he works as a Full Professor at the Group of Information Technologies in the Department of Telematic Engineering from the University of Vigo, and he is also a research staff member at the atlanTTic Research Center. He has taught several courses in bachelor, master and doctorate levels in the topics of computing architectures, software engineering, telematic services, supercomputing, cybersecurity and intelligent systems.

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.::. Development and Innovation

Free Access Software

  • IPDNet: a Java framework for simulating the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma on Networks.

  • CellNet: a Java framework for simulating complex adaptive systems by means of multi-agent systems, evolutionary game theory, self-organization, cellular automata and complex networks.

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